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Business Process app

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Procurement Business Process

Create procurement documents, print reports in pdf, download file in docx, ticketing tasks, tracking ticket, monitoring dashboard with charts.

Tech: Python Flask, ORM SQLAlchemy, Postgre, ReportLab, Javascript Native, Bootstrap

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DevNet app

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REST API networking CISCO SD-WAN, get status interface in Vmanage

Collaborating with Network Engineer to get status from SD-WAN API, displays status in table and display topology graph.

Tech: Python REST API, NetworkX, Cisco SD-WAN API, Matplotlib

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GIS app

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Geo location Django simple app

Customizing Django-Admin with django-leaflet and django-bootstrap4.

Tech: Python Django, PostgreGIS, LeafletJs, bootstrap

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Tracking assets with geo loc

Display map assets with multiple account

Tech: Python Flask, MongoDB, LeafletJs

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Static Web

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Static Web with Jekyll and Github

This webpage is powered by Jekyll and Github. Do it locally, push it to your github repo, and viola!

Tech: Ruby Jekyll, github

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Electrical Software Dev

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Relay Protection 87T Model and Simulation

Back to 2011, this was project to get jump into electrical protection field. This app will calculate design model for Transformer Differential Relay Protection (87T) and do visualize relay performance test.

Tech: Delphi7

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