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Who Am I?

Mom of three, a wife and code lover

  • After sending my kids to their school, I write codes, mostly in Python. Then prepare meals for the whole family and do my codes again.
  • 10 years of work experience in different industries gave me more sight about what I want to develop in the future. Started in 2018 I was teaching my self and thanks to lots of free online courses out there, so then I could afford Certified Associate in Python Programming PCAP-32-02
  • I work with: Python (Flask, Django), JavaScript (native, Jquery), Bootstrap, MySQL, Postgre, SQLite, MongoDB. Type of app: ERP (business process), GIS, Networking (devNet).

I was…

A frontliner and an officer in Power Plant

  • If you are Indonesian, you know that the electricity for our nation is provided only by PT PLN. I have been proud to be one of them once. I served my country in the maintenance team of PT. Indonesia Power, a subsidiary of PLN, as an electrical technician. Performed preventive and corrective maintenance of a variety of assets, equipment, and electrical machinery to ensure power supply meet the demands.
  • Working as frontliner gave me a solid foundation when my role changed into Procurement officer. It helped me to perform due diligent analysis to ensure that the contracts and negotiations I made for Organization had value for money. And it's part of Supply Chain Management strategy to quickly deliver products to end-users with reduced expenses.

An Avionic Engineer

  • Have you ever flown with Lionair? Back years ago, I was one of many who did engineering tasks to comply with company safety policy, ATA standards, and regulations, especialy in electrical and avionics issues. That's the time when I had frequent flights. I went from airport to airport to perform my job on aircraft such as retrieving flight data records, updating new firmware and testing the equipment, collect technical data, etc. Everything should be done carefully and well organized to meet its safety standard. Safety in aviation industry must be number one priority.

A Production Technician in Manufacture

  • My very first professional job was production technician in PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. I operated cigarette maker and filter maker machine. At that time, I learned how to work in the manufacturing industry which has its machine running 24hours, eight hours based, teams spend a week on each, with a night, afternoon, morning progression over the weekly cycle. And it's my very first time to see how mechanical counter works as well as electronic counter does. Mechatronics is cool!